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Transfers Process


Contact Us

Once you have purchased the firearm from the dealer or on Gunbroker, send us a quick email letting us know that you purchased a firearm.  Give us all information including type of firearm (make, model), dealer it is coming from, and any tracking information they might provide you.  NOTE: failure to contact us could result in us refusing the shipment so be sure to tell us!


Schedule a Pick Up

Once your firearm arrives, we will reach out via email.  Our transfers are by appointment only on Friday evenings, Saturdays, or Sundays.  You will need to come to our shop to complete the 4473 paperwork and a background check (unless you have a CHL, in which case only the form 4473 needs to be completed).



The prices for our transfers is as follows:

$15 for each firearm

$20 for each full MSR-style (AR15 or AR10) rifle

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